Birch Forest, Anchorage, Alaska
Forested slopes dominated by Paper Birch, Betula papyrifera, are common on moderately to well drained upland sites in the Cook Inlet ecoregion. Rainbow Trail, Anchorage. December 26, 2005.

Membership in ANPS

ANPS members receive our newsletter, The Borealis, in September, November, January, March, and May as well as email updates of field trips and announcements of ANPS business. Members can also vote in ANPS elections. All general meetings are open to the public and non-members are always welcome! Most field trips are also open to the public but some are limited to ANPS members due to transportation or lodging availability.

Membership Application Instructions

Please check the type of membership appropriate for you. A Family membership applies to all family members residing at one address and is given 2 votes in ANPS elections. An Organizational membership gets one vote.

Print this page or download the application form and fill it out. Enclose your check made out to Alaska Native Plant Society, and mail to the address shown below.

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We look forward to your participation!

ANPS Membership Application

Date _____________ New ___ Renewal ___

Individual ($15.00)___ Full-time Student ($12.00)___ Family (One address, 2 votes,$20.00)___ Organization ($30.00)___ Senior (65yrs, $12.00) ___

Names of voting members:_______________________________________________________


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Telephone:________________ Email __________________________________

Amount Enclosed ____________ Paid by: Cash___ Check ___

Newsletter delivery preference: email ____ US Postal Service ____ both ___
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Please enclose this application with your check and mail to:

Alaska Native Plant Society
PO Box 141613
Anchorage, AK 99514

Alaska Native Plant Society  PO Box 141613  Anchorage, Alaska 99514
Last updated May 15, 2012

Moneses uniflora
Single Delight, Moneses uniflora, growing with Star moss, Polytrichum sp. Also called Shy maiden, this woodland flower blooms in midsummer in much of Alaska.