Weed Warriors

The Alaska Native Plant Society organizes volunteer weedpulls through its Weed Warriors program.

Weed Warriors on Turnagain Arm June 2004
Verna Pratt (second from right) and some Weed Warriors on Turnagain Arm, June 2004. We collected a pickup truck load of Tragopogon dubius (Western Salsify), an invasive plant rapidly spreading along Turnagain Arm.

Now fast forward to 2015...
Several weed pulls are scheduled for this summer so please check the calendar and come out to help! Special thanks to Verna Pratt and all volunteers who put in time this and previous years on AKNPS's ongoing Tragopogon dubious(western salsify) removal efforts. While 2013's summer's hot weather led to an early seeding by the remaining T. dubious on Turnagain Arm, AKNPS members were able to remove every plant found in the three main infestation areas located between McHugh and Indian. Overall, AKNPS weed warriors noted the presence of fewer plants through the area, suggesting that ongoing efforts to remove T. dubious by hand pulling are contributing towards eventual statewide eradication.

Also, here's a loud shout out to the AKNPS volunteers who help keep the Campbell Creek Science Center native gardens well maintained while simultaneously earning volunteer hours to offset room rental for the monthly meetings. A special thanks to BLM staff and high school volunteers as well.

Be sure to check out WeedWar.net for more information.

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Last updated May 15, 2012

Moneses uniflora
Single Delight, Moneses uniflora, growing with Star moss, Polytrichum sp. Also called Shy maiden, this woodland flower blooms in midsummer in much of Alaska.