Upper Susitna Soil & Water Conservation District

YCC and SAGA Weed Warriors
The Upper Susitna Youth Conservation Corps and the Serve Alaska Guidance Association on a weed dig in Talkeetna organized by Upper Susitna S&WCD.

Talkeetna, Sunshine, and Trapper Creek are included in the The Upper Susitna Soil & Water Conservation District. Christine Claus, Project Coordinator, said "Some people have a hard time understanding why we should be concerned about invasive weeds. So far, our weed infestations are manageable. We are educating the public about the problem of invasive weeds so they can be eliminated before they become a problem in our area. We can make a difference by acting now."

The education campaign of Upper Susitna S&WCD has a twofold objective: to educate people about how to identify the plants, and to understand the impact they have on our native plants and animals.The primary target weed is Orange Hawkweed, but they have also focused on Toadflax and Oxeye Daisy.

The Upper Susitna S&WCD also organizes weed pulls and has worked with the Upper Susitna Youth Conservation Corps and the Serve Alaska Guidance Association, part of Americorps Alaska group.

For more information, contact the Project Coordinator:

Christine Claus
Upper Susitna Soil and Water Conservation District
HC89 Box 8461
Talkeetna, AK 99676
Phone: 907 733-7923

Alaska Native Plant Society  PO Box 141613  Anchorage, Alaska 99514
Last updated May 15, 2012

Moneses uniflora
Single Delight, Moneses uniflora, growing with Star moss, Polytrichum sp. Also called Shy maiden, this woodland flower blooms in midsummer in much of Alaska.